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Online Spanish Classes

If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you’ve come to the right place.

Expand your ability to communicate with people across the globe. Learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and more with online courses.


My name is Veronica 

I have been a qualified Spanish Teacher since 1989 at schools in Central America. Since 1995 I have been teaching Spanish GCSE and A levels as a private tutor in the UK. I have experience with students in the preparation for GCSE and "A" levels.
SPANISH IS MY MOTHER TONGUE. I'm local to Prestwood Great, Missenden in Bucks.
Ideal time to start tuition is at least one year prior to GCSE and "A" levels. I have knowledge of AQA or EDEXCEL Syllabus preparation.

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Spanish Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
and Conversation

Individual Attention or Groups

Adults and Teens

GCSE and A levels Exams.

Practice excercises for GCSE and A levels exams and past papers online.

Reading and Writing

Understand when and how to use different verb tenses. Learn all irregular verbs and grammar rules.


Conversations one to one on different topics such as: technology, environmental issues, health, fashion and holidays.


Prepare and practice for a job interview with tips, questions and examples.

College Friends

Kids Club

I teach Spanish clubs at the

following schools

With lessons covering everything from learning basic Spanish vocabulary to grammar, my content will help you study quickly and efficiently.

Little Kingshill Combined School 
Prestwood Junior School 
Prestwood Infant School

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"Veronica is a great and very friendly tutor. After only a few lessons I can already see improvement. She`s very encouraging and explains everything really well. I look forward to my lesson with her every week!"

Vicky, UK

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